Latent prints on nonporous evidence are often deposited on the surface of an item and are extremely fragile. 

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David W. Nabors

Founded in 2003 by David W. Nabors, Nabors Forensic Consultants,LLC is backed with 37 years of law enforcement and 30 years of crime scene investigation experience with over 5500 hours of training 

and education in criminal investigations,interview/interrogation techniques, law, child abuse, narcotics, death investigation, crime scene, homicide, internal affairs, management, patrol tactics, defensive tactics, Public Information and Media Management, NIMS incident command, and WMD.  

During his career, he has been involved in several high profile cases in the Dallas area. David was the Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division of a midsize police department from 1999 - 2009.  From 2009 - 2011 he headed up the Office of Professional Standards where he was responsible for hiring, recruiting and conducting Internal Affairs Investigations. He moved back to Criminal Investigations in 2011 and was y the Commander of that unit until 2017. During his career he has worked Homicide, Suicides, Death Scenes, Adult/Juvenile Sex Crimes, Child Abuse, Burglary and Theft, and Internal Affairs. 

He has been working crime scene investigations since 1987, and supervising the unit since 1995.  David has appeared on numerous television shows in the US, Canada and Great Britain. He is a frequent lecturer and instructor in the North Texas area. He was an Adjunct Instructor for a Homicide Class sponsored by the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville in Kentucky (2009). 

 In April 1999, Lt. Nabors tested for and received the highest certification awarded , Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst (1999- 2010), from the International Association for Identification, a professional Crime Scene Organization. In June of 1999 he was named to the Crime Scene Certification Board for the Texas Division of the International Association for Identification, which he chaired until 2001. He is a member of the International Association for Identification, the Texas Division of the International Association for Identification, the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction, the International Association of Homicide Investigators and  the National Association of Internal Affairs Investigators.

Lt. Nabors has appeared on CBS News 48hrs (twice), NBC’s’ Prime Time Live, the Learning Channels Medical Detectives, A&E Channel’s American Justice and Dead Again, Law Enforcement Training Network programs Command Center, and Mothers Who Kill, and the Fire and Emergency Training Network. He has presented cases and lectured to the Texas Division of the International Association for Identification, Dallas Methodist Hospital’s Paramedic Training Program, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Family Violence Conference at the Galaxy Women’s Center in Dallas, Grayson County College classes and Forensic Conference, Weatherford College Forensic Conference, as well as lectured at numerous Texas police departments and citizens groups. In 2005 and 2008 David presented leadership classes to the Zambian National Police in Lusaka, Zambia Africa. 
David holds TCLEOSE Master Peace Officer license and Instructor certifications and was a certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst. Lt. Nabors is an August 2001 graduate of the DEA’s Drug Unit Commanders Academy, a November 2001 graduate of the Sam Houston State University Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute Leadership and Command College, graduate of TX FBINA Management College and a November 2007 Graduate of the 118th AOC at the Southern Police Institute located on the campus of the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentuckey. Lt. Nabors is also certified as a Mediator.  David Graduated Suma Cume Laude from Texas A & M Commerce with a BAAS in Organization Leadership and Management. He is a 2017 graduate of the PERF Executive Leadership Program held at Boston University.