Southern Police Institute Alumni Association
Member since 11/2007

International Association for Identification 
Member since 1997.
Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst 
Highest certification for crime scene investigators.

Texas Division of the International Association for Identification 
Member since 1997.
Former member and Chair of the Crime Scene Certification Board.

International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts 
Member since 1997.

Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction 
Member since 1998. 

International Association of Homicide Investigators 
Member since 1990.

The Institute for Law Enforcement Administration Alumni
Member since 2001.

Law Enforcement Institute of Texas Alumni
Member since 2001.

Media Appearances

Nabors Forensic Consultants, LLC does not do criminal defense work
Nabors Forensic Consultants, LLC provides latent

Forensic Information

A & E Dead Again
Innocence Lost 10/2014
Investigation Discovery Deadly Women 
"Women That Kill Their Own" 8/2011



 Latent prints on nonporous evidence are often deposited on the surface of an item and are extremely fragile.