Nabors Forensic Consultants, LLC does not do criminal defense work

Nabors Forensic Consultants, LLC provides latent print recovery and comparison, scene and evidence photographic services, bloodstain pattern interpretation, DNA recovery, crime scene reconstruction and evaluation services to Civil Attorneys, Private Investigators, and private corporations. We also provide Crime Scene training to Law Enforcement agencies, Colleges and Private Investigators.


  • Latent print developing on porous and non porous surfaces 
  • Latent print comparison 
  • Scene photography 
  • Scene evaluation for personal injury cases 
  • DNA Collection for divorce cases 
  • Semen detection and collection 
  • Crime scene reconstruction 
  • Case review on suicide, unattended deaths, questionable deaths 
  • Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation 
  • Crime Scene Classes for Private Investigators

OTHER SERVICES : (Examples but not limited to):

Latent print chemicals, casting materials, presumptive blood tests, evidence packing materials and postage will incur additional charges to the client. Client will be notified of the cost of additional materials. 

Note: Some chemicals have a very short shelf life and will be ordered on a per job basis the client will be billed for chemicals. 

Some Examples Of  Requests For Service:

Situations clients prefer to resolve internally. 

Examples include employee theft, vandalism, on duty abuse of alcohol, and CO-worker harassment. Anonymous, slanderous, and libelous letters, drawings/cartoons, and other documents. 

Photographs to document damages or lack of damages, adequate or inadequate security, and other issues involving insurance claims or denials of claims. 

Divorce involving forensic identification. 

Recovery, comparison, and identification of glove patterns, tire treads, footwear patterns, and other physical evidence matches. 

Instruction and lectures to civic groups, service clubs, private organizations, and others regarding crime scene investigation, latent prints, physical evidence, and related subjects. The subject matter is presented in a technical graphic manner or in a lighter less shocking vein suitable for the maturity, age, and/or desires of the audience. 

Requests For Services That Cannot Or Will Not Be Performed Or Require Other Consultants With Unique Expertise:

Certain document examinations such as handwriting or ink analysis. 

Any actions involving investigative procedures or other methods that must be conducted by licensed private investigators and not forensic consultants. Forensic consultants offer services to private investigators, not as private investigators. 

Polygraph and interrogation services. 
Any undercover, covert, clandestine, or related actions. 
Criminal defense work or requests for services requiring a conflict with a criminal justice system agency. 
Some phases of investigations involving arson, fire, and explosives. 
Specific types of ballistics investigations. 
Some traffic accident investigations. 
Specialized examinations of fiber, soil, paint, glass, and other tests. 
Note: If a request for service cannot be performed, every effort will be made to refer the prospective client to a consultant qualified to perform the service.

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Forensic Information



 Latent prints on nonporous evidence are often deposited on the surface of an item and are extremely fragile. 

Nabors Forensic Consultants, LLC does not do criminal defense work
Nabors Forensic Consultants, LLC provides latent